Dermaplaning is a medical skin treatment and is a precise, elegant and excellent way to exfoliate the epidermis skin. Dermaplaning also removes Vellus hair (Peach Fuzz), leaving behind a smooth, beautiful face free from embarrassing and unwanted hair. "Planing" as it is commonly referred to, uses light feathering strokes, a medical-grade scalpel and delicate touch. Because dermaplaning is a quick procedure with few to no adverse effects, its is quickly gaining in popularity among cosmetic medical providers.

During the treatment, Suzette first preps the skin, taking all the oil off of the top layer of epidermis skin. Next Suzette uses a microdermabrasion cream to polish the skin, refining the texture. Finally, the dermaplaning is performed. Dermaplaning requires very little if no recovery time and makeup can be applied right away following the treatment.  The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes.

Dermaplaning can remove up to 2 to 3 weeks worth of rough, dead skin and build up. Can be performed every 4-6 weeks. Dermaplaning can also be performed in addition to other skin treatments, such as chemical peels or microneedling. This treatment also encourages the growth of new, healthy skin cells and can have a positive impact on the skin cell lifecycle. Dermaplaning is a highly effective way to resurface the skin. Clients are always delighted at the feel of their skin after being dermaplaned and can hardly believe how even and youthful they appear. This highly effective exfoliating technique is the latest and greatest!

Requires ~ 45 minutes; cost $155






"Suzette is the GO-TO person for dermaplaning!

I have to admit, I was nervous about getting it done the first time, but she made the experience so relaxing.

She is super skilled, very knowledgeable, and showed me there was nothing to worry about! 

The hair on your face does NOT grow back thicker or darker at all! In fact, I am seeing nothing but improved results each time I do it!

No pain, no down-time, just bright and smooth skin!


I’ve always been really self conscious about the peach fuzz on my face, but waxing and other hair removal methods were damaging my skin!

That is when I started researching and found Suzette.


I got it done the first time 2 weeks before my wedding and I am so glad I did. I didn’t want dull skin or peach fuzz in my wedding pictures.

Now I go every few months and it’s the perfect way to exfoliate the face, plus remove all the hair at the same time.


If you are on the fence, book an appointment with Suzette, you’ll be so glad you did!"

Kashlee Kucheran

"I decided to try dermaplaning to address some fine hairs I was noticing on my face. On my first treatment with Suzette, she pleasantly shared her knowledge of skin care, particularly addressing my dry skin, which I have always struggled to improve.

After my first dermaplaning session, I was amazed at how soft my skin was and how the serum and creams I used were now actually being absorbed into my skin, which gave my skin a refreshed glow.

So in addition to having smoother skin with no fine hairs, the treatment also dramatically improved the dryness of my skin. I have been going to see Suzette now every couple of months, and the difference I feel in my skin is remarkable. The peach fuzz or fine hairs do not grow back coarser or darker. Suzette is my go to person for skin care!" 

Tracy Forsythe