Fractional Laser Skin Revitalization

1540 XD & 1540 XF


Fractional 1540 Treatments:

Full Face      $595  pkg of 3 $1785 + Skin Kit

Partial Face  $395  pkg of 3 $1185 + Product

Neck          $395  pkg of 3 $1185 + Product

Chest          $395  pkg of 3 $1185 + Product

Hands         $245  pkg of 3 $735 + SPF

Our 1540 ICON Fractional Laser comes with two systems XD & XF to treat the most advanced skin treatments. This Aesthetic System for fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing and coagulation of skin. The 1540 FX  provides amazing "Anti-Aging" results to improve creepy skin and build collagen, reduced pore size, melasma & skin resurfacing.  The 1540 FD can treat deep acne & surgical scars, stretch marks (striae) & is FDA approved! 

The 1540 operates using the principal of fractional photothermolysis and is a nonsurgical treatment that will improve your skin's appearance quickly and easily.

Downtime is very little looks like a slight sunburn and can expect a small amount of swelling for a few days. 

Three For Me "Skin Revitalization" Pkg addresses brown & red spots, texture, scarring, sun damage, rosacea and broken blood vessels. Three-For-Me addresses al these conditions in one procedure. A typical course of treatment  involves 1-3 procedures with one month intervals. 

      $875/ Trt  Pkg of 3 $2600  Includes Skin Care Kit and SPF


Stretch Mark  (Prices may vary)               $595    pkg of 4 $2135

Scars                                                 $250    pkg of 4 $900


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